About Me

“Hello, my name is Nils, and I like to write.”

Nils Ödlund



For the longest time, writing was just a hobby to me – something I did for fun in my spare time. Over the last few years though, I’ve gotten more serious about it. I set myself the goal of finishing a story instead of just starting up new projects whenever I grew bored of an old one.

It worked out well, and in February 2018 I published Emma’s Story. A few months later, the first of the Lost Dogs books, Last Fight of the Old Hound, went live on Amazon, shortly followed by the second and third parts of the series. I kept on writing, and the tenth book in the series is due out in earl 2021.

I’m also part of the Article Team on Mythic Scribes. You can find the articles I’ve written for the site here. If you’re a writer of fantasy, the Mythic Scribes forum is a great place to hang out, and I highly recommend it.

What else is there about me?

I’m originally Swedish, but I live these days in Cork, Ireland, and have for over a decade. This is why I write in English, rather than my native Swedish. That way, I have an easier time getting my stories read by the people around me.

I do a lot of my writing at local pubs and coffee shops, as you can see from the many pictures of beer and coffee I share (usually on Instagram). I like both my beers and my coffees black, but I have no qualms about trying out other things now and then.

When not writing, I try to go out walking and get some fresh air, but a lot of the time I end up at home playing games on the computer.

My other creative pursuit is in music. I don’t play any instruments, and I’m not very musical, but I put together mix sets on the computer and share them on Mixcloud, here. I used to be a DJ back when I was at uni, and while I don’t play out among people anymore, I still enjoy putting sets together for others to enjoy.

Author Bio

Nils Ödlund is originally Swedish, but lives these days in Cork, Ireland. He’s an avid reader, gamer, and fan of geek-culture.

Ödlund picked up writing as a hobby, almost by accident, back in 2010, and it quickly grew into something of an obsession. In 2017 he decided to get serious about it, and in early 2018, he published his debut novella Emma’s Story. Since then he’s been working on the Lost Dogs series.

When not writing, Ödlund enjoys hiking through the Irish countryside, reading, or playing games.

Unlike every other author in the history of all authors ever (citation needed), Ödlund does not have a cat.